Audio sessions on DevGAMM Minsk 2016 (Nov 10-11)

We are happy to announce that we have become a Silver Partner of DevGAMM conference in Minsk (November 10-11).

We’ll also be moderating audio section there and we’d like to invite you to the following sessions:

Schedule: November 10, Thursday 11:00 – 13:00 GREEN HALL (Minsk Marriott Hotel)


Development of sound systems on example of tank engines in World of Tanks

Aleksey Tomanov, Audio Team Lead, Vyacheslav Skadorva, Sound Designer,

About Aleksey: 4 years of game design experience. 6 years of sound design experience in AAA gaming. 11 year of experience in game industry.

About Vyacheslav: Education – graduated from Belarusian state music academy. Worked as a composer and arranger. Since 2012 working at as a sound designer.


Description of sound systems development process. Recording of content. Integration into the audio engine.


Twists and turns of developing music applications for mobile platforms

Alex Parhimovich, iOS Developer, Pavel Khasanov, Product manager, Gismart

About Alex: Alex has over 4 years of experience in iOS app development. He’s passionate about music and sound work. Works at Gismart since its founding.

About Pavel: More than 5 years of project management experience. He’s also a musician, arranger. He loves to combine music and IT at Gismart.


The session is about the technicalities of developing audio apps and games for mobile platforms on the example of Gismart company. It will also cover the integration of various audio solutions into mobile platforms.


Applied music: how to speak the composer’s language

Artem Samoilenko, Composer, Freelance

About Speaker: A composer, sound producer. Over 3 years of working with applied music. Artem worked on voiceover of 10 computer and mobile games, wrote music for 7 movies.


What is meant by applied music and where can we hear it in everyday life? What distinguishes music created for the gaming industry from the rest? How can we use music to control player’s attention? The lecture will give answers to these and other interesting questions about music and games.


Sound drama in game projects and movie sound in games

Vasily Filatov, Founder & Director, Sound Design Institute

About Speaker: A composer, sound designer, lecturer. Founder of the Sound design institute and SoundDesigner.PRO institute. Curator of Russia’s first faculty of sound design. Creator and organizer of Sound Sunday.


Comprehensive approach to creation of sound effects as means to engage a player into gaming universe. Blamestorming and correction of mistakes on the example of indie, casual and hardcore games. Games and movies: what they borrow from each other.


Artem Galitsyn, Archibaldi Studio

About: Composer, sound designer, founder and creative director of Archibaldi Studio.

More information about DevGAMM sessions you will find HERE



“Twentysixteen” movie trailer

The official trailer for the “Twentysixteen” short film has been released! Music and sound design by Archibaldi Studio

“The Man stayed alone after the civilisation had been destroyed. Being all alone he had a pedantic life: he got up, had a scanty meal, wrote letters and brought them to the special mail-box, searched for radio signal…”

Directors – Dmitry Rachkovsky and Andrew Krivetsky

Written by – Dmitry Bogoslavsky
Sound design – Artem Galitsyn
DOP – Maksim Kolbanov
Leading role – Sergey Yurevich
Producer – Nadzeya Ilkevich


“Vera’s sweet farewell” movie as a part of Minsk International Film Festival Listapad


“Vera’s sweet farewell” movie (with our original music) as a part of Minsk International Film Festival “Listapad
Scriptwriter – Alexandra Butor, Yulia Girel
Director – Alexandra Butor
Cinematographer – Andrei Voskresenski
Art director – Mikhail Kuzmin
Composers – Artem Galitsyn, Nikolay Sivkov
Cast – Nelė Savičenko-Klimienė, Juozas Budraitis, Paval Kharlanchuk, Sergei Zhuravel, Anna Polupanova, Tatyana Bovkalova, Elena Sidorova and others.


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