Happy anniversary!

Archibaldi Studio is sending warmest congratulations to Sampad Games company with 10 years anniversary. Best wishes of prosperity in Game Development Industry. We believe that your future incredible games will achieve great popularity. We hope our music and sound will help you to achieve that success.

Best Regards!

Artem Galitsyn

(Founder and creative director of Archibaldi Studio)


White Nights: Mobile Games Conference

White Nights: Mobile Games Conference is the largest European show devoted exclusively to the development and marketing of mobile games.

We’ve communicated with our current and future partners. It was a great event. Thanks to everyone who met with us.


Winter Nights: Mobile Games Conference. Let’s Meet!

Dear Friends! Let’s meet on the Winter Nights: Mobile Games Conference on February, 8-9 in St. Petersburg. If you are interested in high-quality and original sound for your project, all you need is to make an appointment with our creative director Artem Galitsyn to discuss the details of cooperation. You can schedule a meeting in the Contacts section or on the official conference website.


Cradle Of Egypt™ Collector`s Edition

Embark on the most fascinating journey with Cradle Of Egypt game! Explore the lands of the Pharaohs and enjoy the most miraculous constructions in the entire history of human civilization in this extremely delightful match-3 puzzle game!

Collector`s Edition also included original soundtrack from Archibaldi Studio.

Available for:

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