Archibaldi Studio provides audio services and technical support in gaming and interactive media. We have been working on hundreds of game titles across Mobile, PC, and Console platforms.
Our studio is a turn-key solution for all audio needs in video game development.
We take pride in creating great game audio through music, sound design, character vocalizations, mixing, and audio implementation to make sure your game will leave an impression on your audience.
These are the leading game developers who put their trust in us: Gaijin Entertainment, Game Insight, G5 Games, PlayRix, Melesta Games, Arkadium, Peak Games, and many others.


Archibaldi Studio – We Know How Your Ideas Sound!

• Original music production with both virtual and live instrumentation;
• Interactive (adaptive) music scoring, design and implementation;
• Live instruments and instrumental groups recording (up to chamber and symphony orchestra);
• Creation of music for the finished video sequence.


• Creation & recording of original sound effects for personages, objects and localized events;
• Environmental elements;
• Interface audio design;
• Synthesized sound sources;
• Professional knowledge in interactive and linear media;
• Project management, integration, and consultation.

Sound design

• Organization and coordination of voice recordings (voice-over) by professional actors and narrators;
• Our own base of voice actors;
• Asset management, including editing, mastering, file naming, and conversion;
• Work estimates and recording in short period.


• animation: 2D & 3D animation, videos for startups, animated presentations;
• filming: commercials, presentations, corporate and music videos;
• post-production: special effects, video editing, color correction, titles and credits, movie previews.

Video production

• Complete implementation support on projects of all kinds and sizes;
•Participation in the project during the whole pre-production period;
• Worked-out scheme for remote collaboration with developer (Perforce, GitHub, Subversion, Dropbox, FTP and so on);
• Working on game audio with different sound systems: FMOD, Wwise, Unity, Unreal Engine, ELIAS, BASS audio, Open AL, Direct Sound 3D.

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