Archibaldi Studio provides services in music, sound design, video production and voice-over for video games and movies.

Latest projects:

War Thunder

Creating original music for the video trailer of The War Thunder game.

The Island Castaway: Lost World

Creating the original soundtrack and sound design, immersing the player to fully experience the mystery of the lost island.

Cradle Of Empires™

Creating an astounding depth and atmosphere of ancient civilizations with sound design and original music.

Wonder Golf

Our studio with a great pleasure and enthusiasm worked on creation of a special mood for the incredible Wonder Golf game project!

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Latest audio:

“This is an excellent track. We’d love to share it over our social network and give everyone a chance to have a listen. Awesome work!”

Mike Peaslee, director and founder of Soundiron

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Latest video:

War Thunder

We’d like to present you a video trailer for the War Thunder game with music by Archibaldi Studio.

Our clients:

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Voice actors:

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Music and sound design for video games and movies.